5 Reasons to Have an Engagement Party


We don’t hear about them all too often anymore in Utah, well, ESPECIALLY in Utah. Engagement Parties, I think, should be the first thing a couple thinks of right after ‘he put a ring on it. ‘

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an engagement party. This post won’t cover any etiquette, just FYI…I just need to implant the idea first and then we will go over etiquette at a later time.

1- His side meets Her side- this is such a great way for families to meet! Keeping the party intimate with close friends and families really allows for the ice to be broken sooner than later. I love the idea of having an Engagement party soon after the engagement is made. People will have a lot of questions, and it is nice to give them a common place to ask those questions, be happy, for you and also get to know one another.


2- Wedding Planning begins- So usually when you get engaged, the Bride gets uber excited and starts talking about dates. Hold off until the engagement party when your families are there. People will let you know who can make it, who can’t, who has a hook up on vendors, who can donate things for the weddings- So in reality, it could be a budget saver for the actual wedding. Food for Thought.

3- Serve what you want- no expectations! This type of party is low stress because there isn’t an expectation on food or drinks. It can be as casual or as extravagant as the host wants it to be and there is no disappointing anyone. Everyone is there celebrating the announcement that you are engaged!


4. It’s a great way to gauge how many guests you want at your Wedding. You will be in front of some of the most important people in your life at this party. They are all celebrating an upcoming event, your wedding! this is a good time to see how many more people you really want to invite to the actual wedding. you may decide that you want a more intimate wedding and the people who are here right now, with the exception of a few more relatives, is all you need at your wedding. Or you may decide that you want everyone in your life to be at your wedding.  Having an engagement party really helps you gather your mental guest list.

5. Awkward toasts can be given now. if you have family and friends who aren’t keen on giving toasts in front of a huge reception, inform the host to let these people know that this could be their time to give a heartfelt toast without being in front of a large crowd.



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