Black Rock: Beachy Keen

We took our poor Chloe out in 10 degree weather to get some cool shots of Black Rock by the Great Salt Lake. The images are clear and bright, and you wouldn’t even know she was freezing.

We would shoot a little bit, and then sit in a heated car. It was so great to work with all these vendors! Dustin Merrill has really perfected his vision and execution with his style of photography. We have loved seeing him grow and build upon his  talent.

Biscotts Bakery in South Jordan provided us some delectable treats to photograph…and dare we We were cold and hungry.

Odds and Ends Rentals, no longer in business, gave us some great decor and furniture to use, and Rose Bud and Dimples, knocked it out of the park with her unique floral designs. Hair and Make up by the talented Katie Livingston.

Black Rock Chloe-25

Black Rock Chloe-27

Black Rock Chloe-64

Black Rock Chloe-60

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